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Dental insurance coverage is one of the most common questions for seniors after they settle their Medicare Supplemental Insurance and Medicare Part D coverage. "How about dental" almost always follows the Medicare Supplement Insurance, and drug plan enrollment. Unfortunately Medicare has no dental insurance coverage. Discount Dental plans, Dental, Vision, and Hearing combinations, or Dental only plans are available in most areas. We believe the first and second choice provide the best value. The following information will help you compare these two options. 

"Discount" dental plans provide a non-insurance option with a variety of discount dental plans from $79.95/year. With no obligation you can search the discount dental plans online, search for your specific dentist, determine which discount plans he/she accepts and enroll in the discount dental plans in minutes.
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Dental Insurance coverage on Medicare
Confused about Dental Coverage for people on Medicare? 

As you probably already know Medicare does not cover an important aspect of your health - dental.  But there are some affordable dental insurance options. 

Keep in mind, most plans will not cover your immediate dental needs with the exception of an exam and possibly 1 set of x-rays. So, if you are looking for something to cover some immedicate dental need you will likely be best served with a discount dental plan. 

Not on Medicare? Thats ok. Click the find and compare button and we will send you a Dental Insurance kit for your review.

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Assistance and advice provided by the Senior Advisors Group. They are available to assist you in your search and asked only that you complete your enrollment via their group. There is no cost to you but allows them to help others like you find the best Medicare Dental, Part D, and Medicare Supplement plan available.
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Dental, Vision, and Hearing combination plans offer a triad of benefits with up to $1,000 or $1,500 in dental benefits. Lower benefit amounts apply to Vision and Hearing benefits, and as always certain restrictions apply. See Outline of Coverage*, Policy Highlights,* and Brochure* and then enroll online or request an enrollment package for your specific state.

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